Price & Payment

For the consideration of all participants we propose the following reasonable packages and price. You may choose one of them to meet your needs.

All payments should be made by Credit Card or Wire Transfer. Credit Card is recommended. The payment must be in US Dollars only. These fees below do not take into account the factor of currency exchange rate.

Item Before 8-31, 2021 Before 10-31, 2021 Before 12-31, 2021 On Site
Academia Business Academia Business Academia Business Academia Business
Speaker $1,599 $1,699 $1,799 $1,899 $1,999 $2,099 — — — —
Attendee $1,699 $1,799 $1,899 $1,999 $2,099 $2,199 $2,499 $2,599

Registration Fee Includes:
1). All Program during the whole conference
2). Luncheon during the conference
3). Coffee Break
4). Welcome Banquet
5). Proceeding and other conference materials
6). A free paper abstract in the proceeding
7). A free poster stands (If you need, please contact the organizing committee one month ahead)

Team Registration
3 attendees receive a 10% discount (Applicate to only registration fee)
4-5 attendees receive a 20% discount (Applicate to only registration fee)
6-10 attendees receive a 30% discount (Applicate to only registration fee)
10+ attendees receive a 40% discount (Applicate to only registration fee)
** Discount is taken from current pricing or on-site pricing but is NOT combinable with promotions or offers. 

Payment by Bank Telegraphic Transfer
Please carefully write the beneficial name and bank info of Dalian BIT Limited, any misprint of the names may result in your telegraphic transfer failure. Prior the TT, please consult one of the organizing committee coordinators to justify required TT info or refer strictly as the following:

  (The detail of remittance, please note that bank transaction fee is due to the payer.)

1. Beneficiary Bank: HSBC Hong Kong
2. Beneficiary Bank Address: 1 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong
3. Beneficiary Bank Code: 004 (For Local Payment)
4. SWIFT Address: HSBCHKHHHKH (For Telegraphic Transfers)
5. Beneficiary’s Bank A/C No: 808-737597-838
6. Beneficiary Name: BITeomics Limited
NOTE: Please mark your payment to "GalaTech-2021"