Program Layout

Gala Technology 2021

Theme: Dreaming the Future, Enriching the World

Time: September 25-29, 2021
Venue: Dalian, China

Stage Zero: Pre-Congress: Glamour of Dalian
Time: September 25, 2021
Venue: Dalian, China
Activity 1:
Charming Dalian Scenery Tour
Activity 2:
Running, Dalian
Activity 3:
Art Creation in Dalian
Activity 4:
Dalian Light Show
Activity 5:
Master Lecture Tours to Campus
Activity 6:
City to City Benchmarking
Activity 7:
Healthy Dalian Yoga Show
Activity 8:
GalaTech Green Card
Activity 9:
Closing Ceremony of Music Carnival
Stage One: World Bio-industry Congress
-Toward Global One Bio-industry 2030
Time: September 25-27, 2021
Venue: Dalian International Conference Center, China
Parallel BIT "20+10" Cluster Emerging Tech Meetings
Keynote Forum
Global Health for the Common Future of Human Beings
Speech from WHO
Speech from Health Minitrial Officers
Speech from Those Entrepreneur Leaders Changing the World
Health Status
Speech from Top 10 World Class University President
Speech from Top Healthcare Industries
Speech from Top Biotech Industries
Speech from Nobel Prize Laureates
GalaTech Hospitality
- What a Pleasure to Have a Friend Come from Far Away
Speech from Chinese Leaders
Speech from Leaders
Speech from Nobel Prize Laureate
Speech from International Leading IGO Leaders
Sino Art Performance
"Dalian-Sea, Mountain, Human"
Song and Dance Show (Invited)
Branded Event 1: Global Laureate Forum
- Hall of Fame for Discovers and Innovators
Branded Event 2: Wisdom Pulpit
- Dedicated Events for Top Scientists and Innovators
World Academician Forum
Life Spring Forum
Joint Satellite Clustering Meetings of WHC 2021
Stage Two: World Strategic Tech Congress
-Empowering World Economy with Emerging Revolutionized Technologies
Time: August 26-28, 2021
Venue: Dalian, China
Stage 2-1: Gala Plenary Summit
Part I: Leadership Plenary Forum
Part II: High-end Dialog
-Innovation in post-Pandemic Era
Part III: Hot Tech Showcase
Part IV: Zone: Media Report
Stage 2-2: Inaugurated Platform of Global Innovation
W10 National Strategy Forum
W10 City Strategy Forum
World CEO's Voice
New Champion CEO Stage
Forum on "Belt and Road" Innovation Platform
Stage 2-3: Main Theme of I & E New Era
Are You Overwhelming to The Coming-of-the Age of The Smart World?
Rethinking Biotechnology
Innovative Competitions in Scale
Space Exploration
World Health Tomorrow
Mobility, Speed and Smart Ways
Ubiquitous Connectivity and Harmony
Sports Tech
Stage 2-4: WSTC Cultural and Social Events

Glamour Gala-Dinner and Cultural Activities        Welcome Speeches

Art Shows

Art Performance       Song and Dance Show (Invited)        Dalian Sea-Mountain Gala-Dinner

Branded Event 3: China's Strategic Tech Development Forum
Forum 3-1: Regional Economic Innovation in China
Forum 3-2: Sustainable Development of Free Trade Zone and Island
Forum 3-3: Emerging Industry Frontier of Yangzi River Triangle
Forum 3-4: Industry Development of BTH
Forum 3-5: Bay Innovation of Great GHM
Forum 3-6: Industry Open Innovation of Great Central China
Forum 3-7: Future Development of New Western
Forum 3-8: Innovative Economy Development of Bohai Bio-Rim
Forum 3-9: Innovation Partnership of X-Strait
Branded Event 4: Sino-X Multilateral Innovation Platforms
Forum 4-1: Euro-Asia Innovation Partnership
Forum 4-2: Tri-State Partnership
Forum 4-3: SJK Partnership
Forum 4-4: Sino-America Collaboration
Forum 4-5: Sino-Russia Partnering
Forum 4-6: Sino-South America Partnering
Forum 4-7: Sino-Israel Partnering
Forum 4-8: Sino-Africa Partneringv
Forum 4-9: Sino-Oceania Partnering
Joint Satellite Clustering Meetings of WSETC 2021
Stage Three: Humanity and Nature Sustainability
-Reshaping Future Sci-Tech Meeting Collaboration
Time: September 27-29, 2021
Venue: Dalian, China
Stage 3-1: Re-open the Curtain for Next Generation
Part I: Opening Ceremony
Part II: Keynote Forum
    -Toward UN Global Sustainable Growth 2030
Part III: High-end Dialog
Part IV: α-Zone: Media Report
Part V: Gala Dinner
Stage 3-2: Farewell Party and Closing Ceremony
Part I: Leader Addressing Speech
Part II: Gala-Index Report
Part III: Gala Dalian Consensus
Part IV: Signing Ceremony
Part V: Farewell Party
Joint Satellite Clustering Meetings of HNS 2021
Stage Four: Start-Up's Biz Kingdom
Time: September 25-29, 2021
Venue: Dalian, China
Startup's Nexus
Smart Founders
Pitch Contest and Award
Future-of-Work Summit
She Founders
Startup Marketing
Fresh Hand Entrepreneurs
Roundtable for Future
I & E Network Village
New Industry Pioneer Forum
VC and Angels
Banker's Privilege
Dream and Future
Master Classes
Meeting Your Mentors
Meet Media
Talent Matching
Stage Five: Founder-Investor Rendezvous Hub
Time: September 25-29, 2021
Venue: Dalian, China
- To Find and Finances Innovative Companies with Ambitions in The Life Sciences Arena
Biotherapy Phase I-II
- Help Biotech Innovators and Promote the Emergence
Smart Material Fundraising
- Accelerate the Development of New Functional Materials Industry
- Seek Pioneers and Leaders
Link Blockchain w/ Investors
- Using Technology to Improve Safety
Robots and Investment
- Accelerate the Development of Smart Manufacturing Technologies, Industries, and Application
CRO, CMO, CSO and Service Buyers
- Integrated Resources, Mutual Development
- Encourage the Development of Innovative Industries
IT Products and Investors
- Fueling the Next Generation of Emerging Technology Products
Smart Manufacturing and Investment Fair
- The Fantastic Role in New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion
- Invest in New Technology, Invest in the Future
Fintech and Financing
- Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Global Finance

Call for Joint Events with Professional, Friendly, Noble, and Enthusiastic International Organizations on Innovative Science and Technology
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