Call for Academic Partners

The GalaTech 2021 devotes to the theme of "One Culture, One Dream." With all our hospitality, we welcome the world-leading academic institutions to join the partnership with us; together to make the world a better place!

To achieve the mutual benefit purpose, we take a integrate and comprehensive approach to proudly offer our International Conferences as the platform which provides advanced knowledge from the World-class experts, bring sophistic technologies and precious international cooperation opportunities on renewed industrial fields from the World Enterprises, plus the valuable chances of Worldwide matchmaking according to their academic majors. 

On the other hand, our conference will surely attract both domestic and foreign investors. Thus, the benefits our conference can offer are no longer defined only as of the return for our partners, but also to the whole Academia-Industry renewal and progress; and even the circulation of the global economy industrial chain will be promoted and renovated.

We believe that through our efficient and effective cooperation; we will successfully build Gala Technology Grand Summit. 

Do you have the dream to make our life and the world to be better with your precious knowledge? Let’s start with the first step of collaboration.

Welcome colleges, universities, associations, or non-profit organizations with missions and programs related to the conference theme to join us. We wish to build an effective and sustainable partnership with you!

If you want to play a role as a partner, please contact us here.

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