Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

BIT Congress is proud to present the first and exclusive International Science &Technology Superinnovation Entrepreneurship Conference in China, named "GALA Technology 2021", which will be held during September 19-29, 2021, Dalian, China with a theme 'Dreaming the Future, Enriching the World'.

We aim to build the largest conference on innovation and technology in China! It serves strategic emerging industries and cutting-edge technology development. GalaTech provides entrepreneurial opportunities for innovative start-ups, expands upstream and downstream markets for large disruptive innovative companies, helps shareholders to look for investment projects, and offers better employment opportunities for high-tech talents.

GalaTech 2021 will last for ten days and focuses on more than 100 domestic and foreign hot topics of innovation to gather masters at home and abroad, elites and makers from relevant industries to display the diversity and inclusiveness of wisdom. It integrates 50 +paralleled conferences in the fields in Life Science, Health and Medicine, Emerging Industry, Education, and Sustainable Development, which is specifically designed to set a community for the world’s top innovators to prototype their future and is ready to promote the international cooperation in science & technology development.

Gala Tech 2021 will be an international platform for gathering high-end experts, top talents, high-quality projects, and core resources. It will bring great opportunities for the development of your career and business. Join us and let’s experience this technology trip of Dalian, the city of Romance.

In the end, we hope all of you will enjoy the congress and take this great opportunity to explore the fascinating and the capital of Romance city, Dalian.

Sincerely Yours,

Xiaodan Mei, Ph.D.
Executive Chairman of GalaTech-2021
President of BIT Congress Inc.