Stage 2-3:Main Theme of Next Innovation Era

September 20-25, 2021 | Dalian. China

This Section will introduce Distinguished KOL to discuss hot trending topics in the tech innovations and their impact on the economic development. Through dynamic program of panel discussion, or nova tech briefing, you will be able to meet those successful innovators and learn the status of their disruptive innovations now transforming the world to a revolutionary era.

Rethinking Biotechnology

Stage 2-3:Main Theme of Next Innovation Era

Theme: How to Face Gene/Genome Editing and Synthetic Biology
- When Man Creates New Life Artificially

Time: September 24, 2021, 10:30-12:00; Place: Room 4, DICC

This forum will bring together 5-6 innovators and leaders in synbio revolution and gene editing fields to present their latest research results and breakthroughs, that will transform our world for the better.

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