Stage 2-3:Main Theme of Next Innovation Era

September 20-25, 2021 | Dalian. China

The sports consumer industry has become an increasingly important consumer market. With the formation and development of the sports market, the sports industry will have an increasingly important impact on expanding domestic demand and promoting economic growth. Further accelerating the marketization and industrialization of sports consumption will allow a potentially huge sports market to spawn a prosperous sports industry. Therefore, on the basis of studying the marketization of sports consumption and the interaction between sports consumption and the sports industry, both policies and strategies to stimulate sports demand and policies and strategies to increase the supply of sports are adopted to cultivate the market, activate the sports industry, and promote The purpose of economic growth.

Ubiquitous Connectivity and Harmony

Stage 2-3:Main Theme of Next Innovation Era

Theme: Ode to the Joy of E-Competition
- E-games in Dalian

Time: September 25, 2021, 09:00-12:00; Place: Room 6, DICC

This forum will cover three parts by inviting 12-16 dynamic leading e-game leaders to discuss recent developments and future trends in this fun field.

Panelists: Panelist 1: Call for Panelist
Panelist 2: Call for Panelist
Panelist 3: Call for Panelist
Panelist 4: Call for Panelist
Part II and Part III will be arranged in similar format as above in the same room.


Under Coordination

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