Stage 2-3:Main Theme of Next Innovation Era

September 20-25, 2021 | Dalian. China

The digital economy has opened a new chapter in the sports industry and is having a disruptive impact on it. The sports brand is a fan of 3D printing and digital design.
The academic research of virtual reality assisted sports training is still in its infancy, and needs the support of VR systems, high-speed cameras, sensors, and big data analysis technologies, but its value prospects are worth looking forward to!

Next-Generation Sports Tech

Digital, Wearable and Simulator Technologies

Theme: Digital, Wearable and Simulator Technologies
- Train like a professional athlete

Time: September 23, 2021, 10:30-12:00; Place: Room 7 DICC

This forum aims to learn from each other, strengthen communication, grasp the pulse of global sports technology innovation and development, and lead future application trends. Elites from the wearable technology and simulation technology industries will be invited to participate in the discussion.

Panelists: Panelist 1: Call for Panelist
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Panelist 4: Call for Panelist
Part II and Part III will be arranged in similar format as above in the same room.


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