STAGE FIVE: Founder-Investor Rendezvous Hub

September 19-26, 2021 | Dalian. China

Founder-Investor Rendezvous Hub

Theme: Link Blockchain w/ Investors
- Using Technology to Improve Safety

Time: September 24, 2021, 13:30-15:30; Place: Room 5, DICC

2021 Ripe with Opportunity for Blockchain Investors.
This forum will introduce 3-5 blockchain tech holders to present their inventions in front of investors for fundraising.

Panelists: Panelist 1: Call for Panelist
Panelist 2: Call for Panelist
Panelist 3: Call for Panelist
Panelist 4: Call for Panelist
Panelist 5: Call for Panelist


Under Coordination

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