Branded Event 4
Sino-X Multilateral Innovation Platforms

April 25-29, 2023 | Dalian. China

Sino-X Multilateral Innovation Platforms

Theme: Sino-America Biomed Collaboration
- One World One Bio-Innovation Dream

Time: September 24, 2021, 13:30-14:30; Place: Room 2, Dalian World EXPO Center

The purpose of the Sino-America Program for Biomedical Collaborative Research is to stimulate collaborative basic, translational, and clinical research between Chinese researchers and U.S. -based researchers and in the areas of cancer, environmental health, heart disease, blood disorders, diseases of the eye and visual system, mental health, and neurological disorders.
This forum will introduce 3-5 world famous biomedical experts for outlooking the future trend and barriers, solutions to enhancing cooperative biomedical research beneficial to both countries.

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