World Academician Forum 2021

Theme: From Bio-Concept to Market

Time: September 25-27, 2021
Venue: Dalian International Conference Center, Dalian, China

Dalian World Academician Forum (WAF) is a new platform to open for introducing World Academicians to join Innovations in China. This forum is dedicated to supporting "Translational Science" by bridging innovation IP with commercialization driving force for leaping development of emerging revolutionary technologies.
WAF functions as a world class scientist meeting hub for accelerating the transformation of Dalian into a Global Scientific and Innovation Center in Northern China. Through which, more and more international talents will join us to catalyzing Dalian developed as and into an open, free, dynamic, fashionable, creative and elegant international Smart City, also leading innovation and entrepreneurship for next generation economy.
Dalian has beautiful natural environment and lovely weather all year long. The city used to be named after "the elder son of People's Republic of China". The outstanding industrial basis and strong regional scientific privilege linked with Japan and South Korea enable Dalian to be best coastal city for tech internationalization, and fascinating transformation center for Northeastern Asia.
WAF will fully take advantage of current China’s Policy benefits to make a Branded event for the city as leading scientific resource integration platform, intelligent introducing Nexus to meet ever growing need for incubating academician discovery with Venture Capital, public service capacities, marketing carriers into new economic drivers. WAF is also dedicated to attract Young Generations to be inspired and enchanted by world great minds.
This year World Academician Forum will include two parts as the following: