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About GalaTech

As the greatest threat to global public health of the century, COVID-19 has posed enormous health, economic, environmental and social challenges to the entire human population. Therefore, we have analysed the situation and decided to reschedule the Annual Meeting of Global Future Champions called GalaTech to September 25-29, 2021. We will go beyond the regular procedures to ensure your safety and health. 

GalaTech-2021 is proud to offer fantastic programme in the next year. It is committeed to integrating all possible resources to make the grand annual conference surrounded by innovation happen and available for the bright future in the post-pandemic era, to help attendees who attend this event to benefit from valuable exchange, share experiences and learnings, establish new partnership and take advantage of a major opportunity that is unprecedented in recent years and could serve them well in this crisis and in future crises.

Global Future Champion Program
FA1000 Future Artists FB1000 Future Builders FC1000 Future Creators
FD1000 Future Developers FE1000 Future Engineers FF1000 Future Faculties
FG1000 Future Governors FH1000 Future Hackers FI1000 Future Impactors
FJ1000 Future Journalists FK1000 Future Keepers FL1000 Future Legenders
FM1000 Future Makers FN1000 Future Novelists FO1000 Future Originators
FP1000 Future Pioneers FQ1000 Future Questers FR1000 Future Revolutionists
FS1000 Future Scientists FT1000 Future Talents FU1000 Future Uncovers
FV1000 Future Victors FW1000 Future Women Leaders FY1000 Future Younker

Join us and Be part of it for the bright future, you can register here


Glamour of Dalian - A Hub of Innovation

September 25-29, 2021 | Dalian, China

Activity 1: Charming Dalian Scenery Tour
Activity 2: Running, Dalian
Activity 3: Art Creation in Dalian
Activity 4: Dalian Light Show
Activity 5: Master Lecture Tours to Campus
Activity 6: City to City Benchmarking
Activity 7: Healthy Dalian Yoga Show
Activity 8: GalaTech Green Card
Activity 9: Closing Ceremony of Music Carnival


World Bio-Industry Congress & Expo
- Toward Global One Health 2030

September 25-27, 2021 | DICC, Dalian, China

Opening Ceremony and Keynote Forum

September 25, 2021

Speech from Global Prize Laureates

Speech from Top Biotech Industries

Speech from Top Healthcare Industries

Speech from World Academician

Speech from China Biomed Park Leaders

Vision of Future Biotechnology from Industrial Leaders

Peers Opinions on the Future of Knowledge-based Bioeconomy

Master Dialogs on Future of Life Sciences

Tentative Confirmed Speakers

Andres A. Gutierrez

Executive Vice President and CMO,Advaxis, Inc., USA

Bob Balderas

VP Biological Sciences,BD, USA

Ian Talmage

SVP, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Germany

Jacob Petersen

Vice President, Novo Nordisk, Denmark

Farshad Guirakhoo

Chief Scientific Officer, COVAXX, USA

Shibo Jiang

Professor,Fudan University, China

Leo Barella

VP, Chief Technology Officer,Takeda, USA

Ralf Altmeyer

Chief Business Officer,BayRay Innovation Center,Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, China

GalaTech Hospitality
- What a Pleasure to Have a Friend Come from Far Away

September 25, 2021 | Global Village, DICC, Dalian, China

Gala-Dinner of WBCE 2021

-Enjoy a Whole Cup of LIfe

Welcome Speeches

"Dalian-Sea, Mountain, Human"
"Cup of Life "Award
–Sponsored by Top Biotech Companies
Signing Ceremony
Welcome Banquet

Branded Event 1: Global Laureate Forum

- Hall of Fame for Discovers and Innovators

September 25-27, 2021 | DICC, Dalian, China

Nobel Laureates of Previous Conferences

Dr. Aaron Ciechanover
Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry, 2004

Dr. Erwin Neher
Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 1991

Dr. Johann Deisenhofer
Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry 1988

Dr. Luc Antoine Montagnier
Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine in 2008

Dr. Marie Lehn
Nobel Prize Laureate for Chemistry in 1987

Dr. Michael Levitt
Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry 2013

Dr. Richard Robert Ernst
Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry 1991

Dr. Karl Barry Sharpless
Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry 2001

Dr. J. Robin Warren
Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 2005

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Global Laureate Speakers under Invitation

September 25-27, 2021 | Dalian, China

"Nobel Across China" was launched in 2003. It has received extensive attention and support from the "Nobel Laureates Forum", Nobel Cross Campus" and "Face-to-Face with Nobel Laureates." 50+ Nobel Prize Laureates have joined this project in the past fifteen years. From 2021, we expand this project to"Global Prize Laureates Across China", which will invite 1000 Global Prize and Laureates of the worldwide prestigious Scientific Innovation Awards to China to share perspectives and forge collaborations. We aim to bring the creative spirit and ideas to China for motivating our young generations to learn the frontier knowledge and to explore deeper insights in the scientific world.

Nobel Laureate Forum

Lasker Laureate Forum

Einstein Award Laureate Forum

Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize

Crafoord Laureate Forum

Kyoto Laureate Forum

Fields Laureate Forum

Gairdner Laureate Forum

Wolf Laureate Forum

Wiley Laureate Forum

Breakthrough Laureate Forum

Turing Laureate Forum

Tang Laureate Forum

Shaw Laureate Forum

UNESCO Laureate Forum

Brain Laureate Forum

Albany Laureate Forum

Buchanan Laureate Forum

Warren Alpert Laureate Forum

Kavli Laureate Forum

Branded Event 2: Wisdom Pulpit

- Dedicated Events for Top Scientists and Innovators

September 25-27, 2021 | Dalian World EXPO, Dalian, China

Through the concurrent milestone-level Forums by inviting world-class scientists and innovators to offer lectures, this session will cover the most advanced scientific discoveries and the frontier technological innovations.

World Academician Forum

This forum focuses on the new-generation technologies to show the new vision from leading industry executives and world distinguished Academicians.

Life Spring Forum

Dedicated to One Scientist's Lifelong Achievements. This forum is an Inaugurate Symposium,which will showcase the whole path of a great's pursuits in a special fields by discovering and innovating along his/her career growth and impacts.

Academicians of Previous Conferences

Dr. Xinhe Bao
Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Dr. Zhijian Chen
Academician of the National Academy of Sciences, USA

Dr. Zhinan Chen
Academician of National Academy of Engineering, China

Dr. Jing Cheng
Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, China

Dr. Zuze Wu
Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Dr. Zixin Deng
Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Dr. Fu Gao
Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Dr. Xinyuan Liu
Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Dr. Xiaodong Wang
Academician of the National Academy of Sciences, USA

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World Future Industry Congress & Expo

- Empowering World Economy with Emerging Revolutionized Technologies

August 26-28, 2021 | Dalian, China

This Session as parallel Events to the Stage One with a Theme: Dreaming the Future, Enriching the World. On the demand of global strategic emerging tech development, it is essential to establish a platform for all active innovators to share their knowledge, achievements, and experiences during their innovation and entrepreneurship life. Particularly for Start-ups, this stage provides a best meeting place for them through well selected and extensive designed BIT's international conferences of hot High-tech nowadays.

Stage 2-1: Gala Plenary Summit

Theme: Dreaming the Future, Enriching the World

August 26, 2021 | Dalian, China

Tentative Confirmed Speakers

Ahmed Ziyan

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Environment, Maldives

Joseph Muscat

Former Prime Minister, Malta

Ahmed Aboutaleb

Mayor, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Tom Brabazon

Former Mayor, Dublin, Ireland

Aharon Aharon

CEO, Israel Innovation Authority, Israel

Gal Goren

Co-founder and CEO, temi, Israel

John David

CEO and Founder, Amnick, UK

Brandon Price

Co-Founder & President, Biogenin S.A.P.I. de C.V., Mexico

Stage 2-2: Inaugurated Platform of Global Innovation

August 26, 2021 | Dalian World EXPO, Dalian, China

New Visions of Global Innovation

W10 National Strategy Forum

Selected Countries Briefing on Emerging Strategic Technology Development Plan
(from 5 Continents)

W10 City Strategy Forum

- New Strategies for Distinguished Innovation Smart City

World CEO's Voice

- Who Will Lead the Future

New Champion CEO Stage

- KOL Strategies from Emerging Top 100 Tech Companies

Forum on "Belt and Road" Innovation Platform

- Opportunities in Joint-Exploration

Tentative Confirmed Speakers

Francisco Betti

Head of Advanced Manufacturing Industry, World Economic Forum, Switzerland

Brett Trusko

President and CEO, The International Association of Innovation Professionals, USA

Bodo Seifert

Vice President Engineered Systems, Sarcos Robotics, USA

Robert Cucin

CEO, BioSculpture Technology, USA

Ariel Briskin

General Manager at IsCham - Israeli Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, China

Richard Kimber

Arbitrator, CIETAC (China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission)

Jassim Haji

President Artificial Intelligence Society Bahrain at Artificial Intelligence Society, Bahrain

Li Liu

Director, Dalian Industry Planning Institute, China

Stage 2-3: Main Theme of I & E New Era

August 26-28, 2021 | Dalian, China

This Section will introduce Distinguished KOL to discuss hot trending topics in the tech innovations and their impact on the economic development. Through dynamic program of panel discussion, or nova tech briefing, you will be able to meet those successful innovators and learn the status of their disruptive innovations now transforming the world to a revolutionary era.

Are You Overwhelming to The Coming-of-the Age of The Smart World

Tentative Confirmed Speakers

Jamie Cattell
Global Managing Partner, Enterprise Strategy, IBM, USA

Wei Siang Yu
Founder and Executive Chairman, Borderless Healthcare Group, Singapore

Kai Liang
Co-Founder and Vice President, Smart Stone Technology

Avi Werner
Co-Founder & CEO, Skelable, Israel

Limor Schweitzer
CTO and Founder, MOV.AI, Portugal

Esteve Almirall
Professor, Syntekabio, ESADE, Spain

Eva Bufi
CEO, Ardana Consultants, Spain

Jose Antonio Ondiviela
SmartCities Solutions Director, Microsoft, Spain

Riaz Syed
Founder & CEO, Future IT GmbH, Switzerland

Sunil Youn
Director of Business Development, Syntekabio, Inc., South Korea

Robert Rankin
Vice President Strategy & Commercial Asia Pacific, Go Capture, China

Yariv Levski
Co-Founder and CEO, AppReal, Israel

Rethinking Biotechnology

Tentative Confirmed Speakers

Atif Abbas
Vice President, Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals, Inc., USA

Christophe Quéva
Chief Scientific Officer, Oncorus, USA

Chuanbo Xu
Senior Director, Clinical Development, Freenome, USA

Chun-Lin Chen
CEO, Shanghai Medicilon Inc., China

Eli Beck
CEO, Chairman, USA

Gabor Keresztes
Founder and CEO, Xespok Life Sciences Consulting Ltd., Hong Kong, China

Jason Soung
Principal BD Manager, WuXi Biologics, Japan

Martin Welschof
President and CEO, BioInvent International AB

Paul Rohricht
Vice President of Business Development – Oncology, Lunit, South Korea

Sicco H. Popma
CEO, President & Founder, IO Biosciences, Inc., USA

Stephane Budel
Partner, DeciBio, USA

Steve Lehrer
Managing Director, SBLehrer, LLC, USA

Sushil Momaya
Business Development Associate, Paras Biopharmaceuticals Finland Oy, Finland

T.C. Lin
CEO, General Biological Corporation, Taiwan, China

Thomas H. (Tom) Bliss
Chief Business Officer, TLC Biopharmaceuticals, USA

Tobias May
Managing Director, InSCREENeX GmbH, Germany

Toshiaki Nakagawa
President & CEO, Kyowa Perfumery Co., Ltd., Japan

Wei Zhang
Director of Cancer Genomics and Precision Oncology, Wake Forest Comprehensive Cancer Center, USA

Wenyan (David) Shen
Senior Vice President, NGM Biopharmaceuticals, USA

Yang Sai
Senior Vice President, Hutchison MediPharma, China

Innovative Competitions in Scale

Tentative Confirmed Speakers

Arkesh Mehta
Chairman & CEO, OncoBindi, USA

Chief Technology Officer, Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc., USA

Han-Yong Jeon
Professor of Geosynthetic and Technical Organic Materials, Inha University, South Korea

Maví Figueres
President/Founder, GrapheneCR, UK

Space Exploration

World Health Tomorrow

Tentative Confirmed Speakers

Astrid Stuckelberge
WHO/UN-EU Expert, Switzerland

Hans Notenboom
Global Head of Digital, Philips Healthcare, The Netherlands

James J. Gillespie
Senior Advisor, Stanford School of Medicine, USA

Jon Stacks
Director, L7 Informatics, USA

Jonathan Schwartz
President, JointechLabs Inc., USA

Noel Chen
VP of Business Development, Novogene, USA

Patrick McHugh
Director, Centre for Biomarker Research, University of Huddersfield, UK

Patrick Merel
Founder & CEO, President, Portable Genomics, Inc., France

Mobility, Speed and Smart Ways

Ubiquitous Connectivity and Harmony

Tentative Confirmed Speakers

Simon de Raadt
WHO/UN-EU Expert, Switzerland

Nikolai Strelchenko
HyperSKU, China

Ivar Jacobson
Founder, Ivar Jacobson International, Switzerland

Jake Orion
CEO, Mendota eCommerce, USA

Jose Merino
CEO, Rewire Holding LTD, UK

Marc DiZoglio
DDN Storage, USA

Mark Rogers
Co-founder,BioXplor, Germany

Sameer Pradhan
Senior Business Development Manager,CyberPulse, Australia

Next-Generation Sports Tech

Branded Event 3: China's Strategic Tech Development Forum

-Enabling Regional Development in Post Industrial X.0 Revolution Era

August 26-28, 2021 | Dalian World EXPO Center, Dalian, China

After 40 years of economic system reform, China has moved into a fast track of Innovation-driven development period. Following industrial revolution 4.0, both government and private sectors are focusing on the industrialization of scientific and technological achievement with sustainable economic growth. In this stage, 9 sessions are well designed to disclose the potential, challenges, and opportunities within each dynamic innovation economic zone with in China. You will gain insight into the China's Strategic Tech Development with a whole picture toward China Innovation 2035. This KOL's dialog will lead you how to dive into right direction to practice tech innovation in China.

Innovation in China

Regional Economic Innovation in China
-The New Strategy of Cluster Coordinated Development Innovation Economic Zone in China

Free Trade Zone and Island

Sustainable Development of Free Trade Zone and Island
-New Mechanism, Model, Policy and Development

Yangzi River Triangle

Emerging Industry Frontier
-New Challenges,New Opportunity, New Growth


Industry Development
-Innovations for Accelerating Integration of Beijing - Tianjin – Hebei

Great GHM

Bay Innovation
-Welcoming the Bright Future Bio-economy of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Great Central China

Industry Open Innovation
-Integrating Resources for Synergetic Development

New Western

Future Development
-Accelerating Meeting New Unmet Needs from Local Economic Growth

Bohai Bio-Rim

Innovative Economy Development
-Catalyzing Transformation of Old Growth Drivers into New Ones


Innovation Partnership
-Scientific Reunified Development for Common Prosperity of Economy Across the Strait

Branded Event 4: Sino-X Multilateral Innovation Platforms

-Pushing Revolution and Open Innovations toward a Whole New World

August 26-28, 2021 | Dalian, China

This Stage will include 9 Forums of Bilateral or Multilateral Panel Discussions on Current issues on International Collaborations on Tech Innovations. Through Decision Makers' Analysis, to redefine the partnership scope, new rules, regulatory issues, barriers and Solutions to new period of across cultural partnership.

Euro-Asia Innovation Partnership

-Reshaping the Silk-Road of Scientific World

Tri-State Partnership

-Exploring the New Tri-state Collaboration Mechanism among China, Swiss and Sweden

SJK Partnership

- Biomed/Emerging Industry Integrative Development in Northeastern Asia

Tentative Confirmed Speakers

G T Vinig
Founding Director, Science Park Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship, The Netherlands

Bertil E. Lindmark
Chief Medical Officer, Galecto, Inc., Denmark

Andrew Baxter
Director of Business Development, BioAgilytix, UK

Mikael Kubista
CEO, TATAA Biocenter, Sweden

Sino-America Biomed Collaboration

-One World One Bio-Innovation Dream

Sino-Russia Partnering

-Friendly Clustering Development for Sharing Common Prosperity

Sino-South America Partnering

-New Paradigm, New Opportunity and New Development

Tentative Confirmed Speakers

Dale Dhanoa
President & CEO, INVENT Pharmaceuticals, USA

Dejun Tang
Senior Vice President of Firma Clinical Research, Novartis, USA

Jack Guan
Senior Director,Prinston Pharmaceutical Inc., USA

Richard Boismenu
Chief Scientific Officer, IgGenix, USA

Sino-Israel Partnering

-Translating Scientific Innovations into Economic Growth Driver

Sino-Africa Partnering

-Joint Development Supporting the Health Industry in Africa

Sino-Oceania Partnering

-Seeking New Growth New Polar for Future Economy

Tentative Confirmed Speakers


Founder, Forum Group, Israel

Amir Guttman

Founder, Aviv Venture Capital, Israel

Ariel Briskin

General Manager, IsCham - Israeli Chamber of Commerce, China

Avishai Levy

CEO, Agbiopro Ltd, Israel

Betsalel Ohana

CEO, Planet Far East, Israel

Daniel Oleiski

CEO, Haier Israel Innovation Center, Israel

Danny Hadar

Managing Director, Fosun RZ Capital, Israel

David Akunis

Managing Partner, MEDVEST UK LLP., Israel

Elad Goz

Head of Innovation Center, Shaare Zedek Medcial Center, Israel

Eliran Elimelech

Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Start-Up Nation Central, Israel

Eran Eizik

Israel Country Manager, SIRION BIOTECH GmbH, Israel

Gal Dymant

CEO, Asia Direct Partners Limited, Israel

Ira Prigat

President & CEO, Network in Motion Ltd., Israel

Limor Zur-Stoller

CEO, BioCloud, Israel

Lior Moyal

Kamet ventures, Israel

Luntao Gao

Venture Partner, Convergence Partners AG, Israel

Mark Simon

CEO,Milestone Consulting, Israel

Ofer Markman

Head Haifa Life Science Innovation, HUB - GMCE Inc., Israel

Rani Shifron

General Manager, Healthier Globe, Israel

Sabina Glozman

Founder and CEO, Excella Biosciences Ltd., Israel

Saul Orbach

Founder and Managing Director, The Elul Funds, Israel

Shahar Rado


Tami Kfir

VP, Head of Israel Office, Chengdu-Israel Incubator, Israel

Tomas Mendelsohn

Director & CEO, ATI- Advanced Medical Technologies Ltd., Israel

Yarom Cohen

CEO and Founder, Met Syn Lysine Ltd., Israel

Yossi Bornstein

Founder & CEO, Shizim Group, Israel

Tzvika Agassi

Co-founder & CEO, Jastok, Israel

Udi Peretz

Co Founder and CEO, SOLVEAT Functional Nutrition Solutions, Israel

Stage 2-4: Cultural and Social Events

Glamour Gala-Dinner and Cultural Activities

Welcome Speeches

Art Shows

● Art Performance
● Song and Dance Show (Invited)

Dalian Sea-Mountain Gala-Dinner


World Sustainability Congress & Expo
-Leadership in Improving the Status of Humanity

September 27-29, 2021 | DICC, Dalian, China

Stage 3-1: Re-open the Curtain for Next Generation

September 28, 2021 | DICC, Dalian, China

Tentative Confirmed Speakers

Elena Shembel

President & CEO, Enerize Corporation, USA

Henry K.H. Wang

Taylor & Francis Group, UK

James Lloyd

Director, Nature4Climate, UK

Jeremy Weissman

CEO, EPC Ltd, Israel

Johnny Browaeys

National Vice Chair, European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, China

Keun Wook Paik

Chatham House, UK

Manfred Max Bergman

President, Swiss Academic Society for Environmental Research and Ecology, Switzerland

Mohammad Ramezani

CSIRO, Australia

Stage 3-2: Farewell Party and Closing Ceremony

September 29, 2021 | Dalian International Conference Center, China

Closing Ceremony

Part I: Leader Addressing Speech
Part II: Gala-Index Report
Part III: Gala Dalian Consensus
Part IV: Signing Ceremony
Part V: Farewell Party


Start-Up's Biz Kingdom
-Translation of Innovation into Productivity

September 25-29, 2021 | Dalian, China

Enjoy Your Experiences at GalaTech for Catalyzing Your Startup and Successes

Startup's Nexus

Smart Founders
-Voice of Disruptive Tech Entrepreneurs

Pitch Contest and Award
-Selected Founders for BP Contest for VC

Future-of-Work Summit
-At Crossroad of Pioneer's Direction

She Founders
-Diversity and Inclusive Entrepreneurship

-Identifying New Gold Ideas

Startup Marketing
-Funder's Lesson: How to Marketing a Startup Company

Fresh Hand Entrepreneurs
-Startup on Campus

Roundtable for Future
-Startup Meeting with Experts

I & E Network Village

New Industry Pioneer Forum
- Why Investors Try to Fund You?

VC and Angels
- How to Transform BP into Funding Reality

Banker's Privilege
- When is the Right Time to Get Bank Support

Dream and Future
- Synergizing Community Impacting Forces

Master Classes
- Learn the Successful Experience in I & E

Meeting Your Mentors
- Tutoring You for Success

Meet Media
- Getting Your Entrepreneurship Known

Talent Matching
- Perfect Job from Strong Career Preparation

Tentative Confirmed Speakers

Mariana Danilovic
Managing Director, Infiom, USA

Aurelien Rigart
Vice President / Partner, IT Consultis, China

Ambros Scope
Head Leadership and Future of Work, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd,Switzerland

Amir Toren
CTO and VP of BD, NGT3VC, Israel

Andrea Macdonald
Founder, ideaXme, UK

Andrew Chakhoyan
Managing Director, Strategic Narrative Consulting, the Netherlands

Andy Shannon
Venture Partner, multiple, UK

Anthony Lavery
General Partner , ABS, Hong Kong, China

Caroline Popper
Co-Founder and President, Popper and Company, USA

Director, VVR International, France

Chris Carter
Managing General Partner, Texas Trans Pacific Energy Advisors, USA

Chris R. Burch
Chief Financial Officer, Waton Corp, China

Dana Al Salem
CEO & Chairman, FanFactory Ltd., UK

David Orban
Vice President Corporate Development, Torre, USA

Dennis van der Veen
Co-Founder, Hamster

Dong-Su Kim
CEO, LG Technology Ventures, USA

Ed Fries
General Partner, 1Up Ventures, USA

Eddy Lee
VP, Engie Factory APAC, Singapore

Erin Lau
CEO, CADIConsultancy Ltd, China

Eslambolchi Hossein
Venture Partner, CloudScale Capital Partners, LLC, USA

Bassam El-Fahmawi
President & Chief Technical Officer, Mawi DNA Technologies, USA

Eugene Buff
Founder & President, Primary Care Innovation Consulting, USA

Faisal Abdullah
Chairman& CEO, Changshu Access Holding, China

Felix Zilberstein
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, 4Tech Capital Ventures, Israel

Florence H-Jennings
Co-Founder,Detalytics Pte Ltd.,Singapore

Franziska Hasselmann
CEO & Founder, Switzerland

Fred Tanada
Investor, SoftBank Capital, USA

Fuhrman Peter
Chairman, Founder & CEO, China First Capital

Geoffrey Handley
General Partner, Haitao Capital, China

Guoding Chen
SSVC, China

Henry Lu
Managing Director, China Merchants Capital (CMC), USA

Ivan Cheung
Consultant, InvestHK, Hong Kong, China

Izabella Khazagerova
SVP, Lee Hecht Harrison, UK

J. Christopher Mizer
President and CEO, Vivaris Capital, USA

Janice S.W. Ng
Consultant, Oxentia, UK

Brandon Price
Co-Founder & President, Biogenin S.A.P.I. de C.V., Mexico

John Hosier
President, John Hosier Healthcare Consulting, LLC., USA

John Ruhmann
CEO/Owner, BioRecruiting Solutions, USA

Josemaria Siota
Executive Director, IESE, Spain

Ken Ghata
Founder & CEO, KG Global Partners, Hong Kong, China

Lacarya Scott
Founding Partner, Tungsten Advisors, USA

Luis S. Galan Lozano
CEO, 2 Open. China

Madison Thompson
Private Equity, Venture Capital, and M&A, USA

Maggie Sprenger
Managing Director, Green Cow Venture Capital, USA

Magne Vange
Manager, KPMG, Canada

Marc Schueler
Venture Partner, Fuel Capital, China

Mark Mueller-Eberstein
tartup Mentor, Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC), USA

Martin Rigby
Managing Director, Capital Limited, UK

Michael Amouyal
Partner - Greater China, Rochefort et Associés, China

Michael Cheng
Managing Director, Drum Tower Ventures, China

Michael Gale
CEO, First Penny Investments, Australia

Michael Rosenthal
Chairman, The Investment & Economic Enterprises Business Community, China

Michel Habib
Founder, Managing General Partner, ALIVE Israel Healthtech Fund, Israel

Mike Burden
Director, Conference Production, Global Engage Ltd, UK

Morris Kaner
CEO, MK&A - Morris Kaner & Associates, Israel

Moshe Porat
Founder & CEO, MESH Labs (CoE / VC), Israel

Nir Poleg
Vice President, Li & Fung Limited, Hong Kong, China

Pilar Zárate Chaves
World Economic Forum Global Shaper, Co-founder, ViVi, USA

Peter Bomer
Founder & CEO, The China Hack, China

Pierre-Yves Gerard
Managing Director, Bo Le Associates, China

Renaud Savary
Founder, RS Capital, UK

Rohit Talwar
CEO, Fast Future, UK

Rosella Migliavacca
Chairwoman, Future Energy Foundation, Ireland

Sandra Miller
CEO, Runway Innovation Hub, USA

Prof. Rafael "Rafi" Boritzer
Managing Partner, Start Track Entrepreneur Support Ltd., Poland

Shay Marcus
Partner, SHENG Enterprises, Israel

Sherif Omar
Founder, FeedBack Market Research, United Arab Emirates

Simon Littlewood
CEO, SDG Global Capital, Hong Kong, China

Stan Crienen
Winson Capital, China

Stephane Grand
Managing Partner, SJ Grand Financial and Tax Advisory, China

Steve Monaghan
EVP, Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Riyad Bank, Japan

Tamar Raz
CEO, Hadasit, Israel

Taryn Andersen
CEO and Co-founder, Impulse4Women, Spain

Tatsuzo Ishigami
President & CEO, STI International, Inc., Japan

Tianyu Li
Investment Banking

Tom Van der Heyden
CEO, S³ Group, Spain

Executive Director Invest M&A JV, Valuetang, China

Vadim Tarasov
Partner, Advanced Autonomous Solutions Fund, Hong Kong, China

Viren Mahurkar
Founder and Chairman, HitchinRock Advisors, UK

Wagner Denuzzo
Head of Capabilities for Future of Work, Prudential Financial, USA

Rani Shifron
Founder, Healthier Globe, Israel

Yaron Carni
Founder, Maverick Ventures, Israel

Yaron J. Schwarcz
co-founder and CEO, Skyline Robotics, Israel

Yechiel Engelhard
Founder, Early stage startup, USA

Yudong Hou
Co-founder & Managing Director, Eastern Link Capital, China

Zacki Turkeltaub
President, NTT, USA




Founder-Investor Rendezvous Hub
-New Hub for Entrepreneurship


September 25-29, 2021 | Dalian, China

- To Find and Finances Innovative Companies with Ambitions in The Life Sciences Arena

Biotherapy Phase I-II
- Help Biotech Innovators and Promote the Emergence

Smart Material Fundraising
- Accelerate the Development of New Functional Materials Industry

- Seek Pioneers and Leaders

Link Blockchain w/ Investors
- Using Technology to Improve Safety

Robots and Investment
- Accelerate the Development of Smart Manufacturing Technologies, Industries, and Application

CRO, CMO, CSO and Service Buyers
- Integrated Resources, Mutual Development

- Encourage the Development of Innovative Industries

IT Products and Investors
- Fueling the Next Generation of Emerging Technology Products

Smart Manufacturing and Investment Fair
- The Fantastic Role in New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion

- Invest in New Technology, Invest in the Future

Fintech and Financing
- Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Global Finance

Tentative Confirmed Speakers

Chris Garabedian
Chairman and CEO, Xontogeny, USA

Robert Cucin
CEO, Chairman of the Board, BioSculpture Technology, Inc., USA

Alain Mititelu
Chief Executive Officer, Neuro-Concepts, UK

Alan Qin
Founding Partner A Blockchain Technology Startup, China

Albert Tsai
VP, Regional Medical Officer of Asia Pacific, PPD, Hong Kong, China

Andrew Guise
Managing Director, Gaia Biotherapeutics, UK

Björn Cochlovius
Co-founder, Medraxa Therapeutics GmbH, Germany

Brad Thompson
Chairman and CEO, Avamab Pharma Inc., Canada

Courtland Imel
CEO, Ceutical Laboratories, Inc., USA

Dan Mapes
Founder,, USA

David A. Hall
CEO, CCO & Co-founder, The Aesthetic Medicine Platform TAMP, USA

David Boisvert
Sr. Director of Process Development, Arch Oncology, USA

David Platt
Chief Executive Officer, Bioxytran, Inc., USA

Huaizheng Peng
General Manager, International Investment and Operations, China Medical System Holdings Ltd, China

Dorte X. Gram
CEO, Founder, PILA PHARMA AB, Sweden

Hao Huang
Biotech investor and BD at AstraZeneca China

Ingmar Hoerr
Founder, CureVac, Germany

Jose Bolaños
CEO, Nimbus-T, USA

Nassos Alevizopoulos
CEO, Therapten Biosciences Inc., Canada

Roberto Di Pietro
Professor in Cybersecurity, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar

Tsafrir Kolatt
CEO, Fertigo Medical, Israel

Gerry (Gerald) Klein
Principal, MedSurgPI, LLC., USA

Haiyan Wang
Director, Business Development, Syneos Health, Canada

J. Bradley Hall
Founder, Chairman and CEO, ICON CAPITAL RESERVE SA

James Filbird
Chief Executive Officer, Defiking, China

James Qiu
Associate Vice President, R&G PharmaStudies Co., Ltd, China

James Qiu
Chief Executive Officer, Stealth Startup, USA

Jim Coleman
President & Managing Director, Kingsfield Consulting, Inc., USA

Kah Yee Eg
Chairman, Key Asic, Singappore

Lee Meng Chak
CEO & Founder, CENS Private Limited, Singapore

Luis Escobar
CEO and Founder, Escobar Group of Companies LLc., USA

Marc de Garidel
CEO, AZTherapies, USA

Matthew Shipton
Vice President / General Manager, Novabiosis, USA

Douglas Corley
Co-founder and CEO, DHB Global, Hong Kong, China

Tianyu (Bob) Li
北拓资本, China

Nate Hughes
Director of Business Development, George Clinical, USA

Oleg Feldgajer
CEO, Canada Green ESCO Inc., Canada

Reuven Bakalash
CEO, Adshir, Israel

Patrick Pun
Chairman & CEO, NCG, China

Walter Greenleaf
Medical VR / AR Expert, Stanford University, USA


Emerging Hot Tech Expo
-Accelerating New Growth Drivers to Replace Old Ones

September 25-29, 2021 | DICC, Dalian, China

Expo I: World Bio-industry Expo

-Decoding Life for Better Healthcare of Humankind

September 25-27, 2021 | DICC, Dalian, China

Zone A1: Stem Cell Tech Zone B1: Bio-IT/Health-IT and Medical Informatics Products Zone C1: Medical Imaging Tech
Zone A2: Molecular and Cell Biology Tech & Products Zone B2: Separation & Purification Tech Zone C2: Orthopedic Products
Zone A3: Immunotherapy Zone B3: Tissue Engineering Zone C3: Smart Biosensors
Zone A4: NGS, Gene and Genome Editing Zone B4: Cell Tech and Therapy Zone C4: New Medi-Tech
Zone A5: Synthetic Biology Zone B5: Gene Therapy Zone C5: Medical Devices
Zone A6: Bioanalysis and Lab Automation Zone B6: Antibody, Vaccine and Technologies Zone C6: Lab Devices and Equipment

Expo II: World Future Industry Expo

- New Drivers for Economic Growth

August 26-28, 2021 | Dalian World Expo Center, Dalian, China

Exposition Scope of Emerging Hi-Technology

Hub 1: Next-Generation IT Hub 7: Blockchain Hub 13: High-end Manufacturing
Hub 2: AI & Robotics Hub 8: Quantum Technology Hub 14: 3D/4D Printing
Hub 3: Fintech Hub 9: Smart Materials Hub 15: Future Aerospace and Aviation
Hub 4: 5G/6G Hub 10: Smart Energy and Energy Stage, New Energy Car Hub 16: Mobile Tech
Hub 5: IOT & IOV Hub 11: Space Colonization Hub 17: Wearable Tech
Hub 6: High-Speed Travel Hub 12: Autonomous Vehicles Hub 18: VR, AR and MR

Expo III: World Sustainability Industry Expo

-From Edu-Tech to Sustainable Innovative Tech

September 27-29, 2021 | DICC, Dalian, China

Exposition Scope of Sustainable Technology

Pavilion A1: Smart Edu-Tech Pavilion B1: High-end Marine Equipment Pavilion C1: Smart Environmental Monitoring Technologies
Pavilion A2: Deepwater Technology Pavilion B2: Smart Agricultural Equipment Pavilion C2: Carbon Capture Storage
Pavilion A3: Underwater Robots Pavilion B3: Green Food Processing Pavilion C3: New Recycling Technologies


Joint Satellite Clustering Meetings

Joint Satellite Clustering Meetings of World Bio-industry Congress & Expo 2021

This joint Health Events will consist of 24+ parallel Scientific meetings from BIT Group. Each meeting lasts for 4 days and cover 120-160 oral presentations to cover current hot topics in global health industries under 5-6 tracks with 20 sessions more or less. Both parties will synergize each scientific talent resources to integrate themes, add value to each other, and Matchmaking for the potential international collaborations in Life Science, Medical Science, Health Technology and Pharmaceutical Innovations.

World Health Conference

This congress will cover current hot topics to synergize scientific talent resources to integrate, add value, and dock the potential international collaborations in global health field.

COVID-19 Health Issues
Disease Control Public Health

BIT's 7 th Annual World Congress of

In the unfortunate disaster, we hope to find the direction and solution for the global public health cause to prevent the loss of people's health and the world economy.

COVID-19 Emerging Virus Superbugs Antimicrobial
Fungal Immunology

BIT's 18 th Annual International
Drug Discovery S & T

IDDST-2021 will invite leading scientists from both the academia and industry worldwide, to discuss the latest developments in drug discovery and therapy.

Rare Diseases Targeting Mrna
FDA Drug Approval
Predictive Models

BIT's 3 rd World Conference of

The hottest IO field has attracted up to 4,000 projects worldwide. WCIO-2021 is proud to present you the most exciting themes covering the current breakthroughs.


BIT's 13 th Annual World
Cancer Congress

WCC-2021 will provide a unique and ideal opportunity for a broad spectrum of researchers, clinicians and other health professionals to find oncology solutions.

Cancer Research
Cancer Management
Risk Reduction Treatmen

BIT's 11 th World
Gene Convention-2021

WGC is an international event focusing on the fields of biotechnology and life sciences, providing a platform for all experts to discuss latest researches and achievements.

Gene Genomics
Genetics DNA and RNA

BIT's 11 th Annual Congress of

ICA-2021 will provide a platform to share and exchange the info on the latest progresses and practices in the area of basic antibodies and innovative technologies.

Antibody Engineering
Antibody Therapy Protein
Immune System

BIT's 14 th World Congress of
Regenerative Med. & Stem Cell

With the theme of "Voice of Chinese Stem Cells", RMSC-2021 covers all frontier topics in stem cell, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and therapeutic applications, etc.

Tissue Engineering Biomaterials Scaffolds Clinical Trials
Cell Therapy

BIT's 13 th Anniversary of
Protein & Peptide Conference

As a leading and unique meeting of protein and peptides in China, PepCon will provide a very philosophical design to rethink what's the next in this fascinating disciplines.

Protein Engineering Drug Design Structure Studies
Protein Folding

BIT's 7 th World Congress of

It plays a vital role in promoting scientific knowledge and ideas in orthopaedics all over the world.

Spine Joint Trauma
Bone Tumor Microsurgery
Foot and Ankle Sports Medicine

BIT's World Congress of
Gene and Genome Editing

With the communication of outstanding international experts, this congress will stimulate creative ideas to translate discoveries into better practice and application.

Cas9 Cas12a CRISPR
Gene Editing Genome Editing

BIT's 9 th Annual Symposium of
Drug Delivery Systems

SDDS-2021 will bring global scientists to provide unique insights in pharmaceutical sciences and breakthrough technologies in drug delivery which is good for future healthcare.

Gene Therapy Nanoparticles
Controlled Release
Protein/Peptide Delivery

BIT's 3 rd World Congress of

Biosimilar-2021 will show a comprehensive outlook on key issues with global challenges and market trend; R&D; clinical applications; bioprocessing; business, etc.

Biosimilar Drugs Analytical
Preclinical PK/PD Clinical

BIT's 9 th Annual Congress of

ICM-2021 is focused on the current hot topics and major advances in the field of new target-based and new modality-based discovery chemistry from our colleagues.

Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry Chemical Pharmacology
Anticancer Agents

BIT's 3 rd World Congress of

The unique Congress directs towards addressing main issues as well as future strategies of Biomarker and Diagnostics technology Development in this fast-growth field.

Tumor Biomarker MicroRNA
Novel Biomarkers and Diagnosis

BIT's Annual World Congress of
Smart BioMaterial

WCBM-2021 will provide a unique and ideal opportunity in all aspects of biomaterials for industrial executives, academic professors, investors, marketing, and decision-makers.

Biomaterials Tissue Engineering
Drug Delivery Medical Devices

BIT's Inaugural Summit on

This summit aims to invite 200+ world class distinguished experts offering excellent oral presentations on frontiers of modern nanobiotech, bionanotech and nanomedicine.

Nanomedicine Nano-diagnosis Nanorobots Nanotech

BIT's 11 th Annual Conference
Neurotalk's Brain Health

NBHC-2021 is a science and education event and will bring global experts to exchange ideas and debut cutting-edge research and technologies.

Brain Informatics Neural Imaging Diagnostics Neuralscan

BIT's 6 th World Congress of
Geriatrics and Gerontology

WCGG-2021 focuses on the core knowledge and major advances in the ever-expanding field of Geriatrics and Gerontology by attracting experts on a worldwide scale.

Clinical and Social Geriatrics Aging Elder Care
Experimental Gerontology

BIT's 6 th Annual World Congress of

WCPD-2021 majorly provides keynote forums and lectures from Pediatric Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors with the goal of building a platform for global networking.

General Pediatrics Genetics Infants Children Adolescents

BIT's 4 th International Congress of

ICG-2021 offers a comprehensive agenda for professionals in the field of Medical Genetics, Nonhuman Genetic and others.

Molecular/Medical Genetics Cytogenetics Epigenetics Functional Genomics

BIT's 6 th World Congress of
Animal Biotech

The WCANB-2021 will update the progress of veterinary innovation, introduce new technology, launch new products, and share successful practical experiences.

bioanalysis biomarker
clinical pharm LC–MS/MS

BIT's 8 th Annual Conference of

AnalytiX, initiated from 2012, will keep expanding with magnificent advances by the scientific and social programs to accelerate your discovery, innovation, and network.

Spectroscopy Bioanalysis
Mass Spectrometry
Crystallography Sensors

BIT's 4 th World Congress of

The biotherapy congress is an international meeting for sharing new clinical and research achievements in biotherapy.

Cell Immunotherapy
Precision Medicine
Tumor Immunotherapy

Tentative Confirmed Speakers

Yan Peng
Professor, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA

Ray Liu
Global Head of Oncology Data Science and Analytics, AstraZeneca, USA

Heinz Redl
Professor, LBI Trauma - AUVA, Austria

Kejin Hu
University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

Yuanting Zhang
Chair Professor, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

Caterina La Porta
Professor, University of Milan, Italy

Islam M. Saadeldin
King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Cheorl-Ho Kim
Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea

Pablo I. Nikel
Research Group Leader, DTU, Denmark

Gabriel D. Dakubo
Lakehead University, Canada

Ole Vang
Roskilde University, Denmark

Eric Murillo-Rodriguez
Professor, UNAM, Mexico

Dr. Mark Chiu
President/ Chief Scientific Officer, Tavotek Therapeutics, USA

Dr. Leonard Lipovich
Wayne State University, USA

Dr. Andrea C. Perez
Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Dr. Oscar Ramirez
Universidad del Valle, Colombia

Joint Satellite Clustering Meetings of World Future Industry Congress & Expo 2021

This joint Strategic Emerging Tech Congress will consist of 24 parallel scientific meetings from BIT Group. Each meeting lasts for 4 days and introduces 130-150 oral presenters to deliver speeches with the current hot topics in AI, Robotics, Future Network, 5G, IoT & IoV, Smart Materials, Nano S&T, Smart Manufacturing, etc. under 4-5 tracks with 20 sessions. It is essential to establish a platform for all active innovators to share their knowledge, achievements, and experiences during their innovation and entrepreneurship life, under the need for global strategic emerging tech development.

BIT's 5 th World Congress of

WCR 2021 aims to strengthen the technical and business bounds in robotic industries, and to provide a platform for presenting the latest achievements and developments.

Manipulator Haptics Prosthetics Robotic System

BIT's 7 th Annual World Congress of

InfoTech-2021 will bring together academics and industrial experts in the field of electronic information technology and computer engineering into a common forum.

Blockchain Cybersecurity Drones VR/AR
Edge Computing

BIT's 7 th World Congress of
Smart Materials

WCSM dedicates to provide a communicational platform between industries and academic organizations, in order to achieve the technology transformation from research to industry.

Modeling Characterization
Adaptively Responding Control

BIT's 10 th Annual World Congress of
Nano Science &Technology

It offers opportunities to exchang ideas, discover knowledge gaps and engage in potential business collaborations for International business leaders, researchers and entrepreneurs.

Nanostructured Materials
Devices Fabrication Engineering

BIT's 4 th Annual Conference of
Quantum World

The CQW-2021 as a platform for participants to promote the interaction on quantum technology related frontier topics; also to explore the novel applications in the field of quantum world.

Quantum Mechanics Materials Engineering Information
Basic Theory

BIT's 3 rd World Congress of

It aims to create a World-Class Summit to gather and publish advanced AI achievements and innovations; as well as the industrial gathering and investment docking.

Core Tech Rethinking Enterprise Rethinking Industries
Supporting Tech

BIT's World Congress of
5G Communication

WC5GC-2021 targets to main issues of the 5G and future communication technology development by addressing the discussion of the challenges and the risks on the investment projects.

5G network Smart City
Future Communication

BIT's 4 th Annual Global
Future Network Summit

This Summit is to bring together academics and industrial experts in the field of Network Development into a common conference to promote scientific information interchange.

SDN/NFV Artificial Intelligence
6G Multimodal Smart Network

BIT's World Congress of
Advanced Chips

WCAC-2021 comprises critical ideas and polemic discussions on various aspects of challenges, risks and investment opportunities in this fast growth field

Life-on-Chip Oral Care Chip AI Chip Chip Packaging

BIT's 3 rd World Congress of

μ-World-2021 is a leading IOT conference in China with the topics of global policies, global market trends and strategies, World enabling tech and its applications, as well as the International investments, etc.

Enabling Technologies Connectivity Models
Applications IoT

BIT's 4 th World Congress of
Big Data and Cloud Computing

This Congress will gather the professionals and experts in big data and cloud technology to talk about the betterment of the current situation.

Spatial Data Infrastructure
Digital Transformation

BIT's World Congress of

The goal of this initiative event is to create a bridge that combines talents, technology and products for promoting the industrial docking and its ultimate development

Internet of Vehicles
Autonomous Vehicles
Integrated Network

SME Innovation Forum

SME Innovation Forum is committed to being the most inspiring celebration of entrepreneurship and will attract over 500 entrepreneurs worldwide.

Small and Medium Enterprises
Business Network Micro
Global Cooperation

World Editor Day

Editors in a wide range of science and technology will come together to give the high-level trainings. All participants will have a productive, inspiring and scientifically experience.

Journal Publication Review
Editor-in-Chief Open Access Editing

BIT's 3 rd World Congress of
3D/4D Printing

WCDP-2021 Congress dedicates to learn about the novel processes and the future developments in various scales of the 4D Printing technique with interesting applications.

Additive Manufacturing
Stimuli-responsive materials

BIT's 3 rd World Congress of
Smart Manufacturing

This conference will be a shining debut, It will bring you the latest and the hottest practical technology experience of smart manufacturing.

Industry 4.0 Smart Factory
Industrial Transformation
Digital Manufacturing

BIT's 8 th International Symposium of
Enzyme & Biocatalysis

SEB-2021 directs towards addressing main issues as well as future strategies of enzyme and biocatalysis development in this fast growth field.

Metagenomics Lipase
Nested Gene Organic Solvents

BIT's 10 th Annual Global Congress of

GCC-2021 will provide a variety of opportunities to exchange ideas and expertise as well as global network to emphasize multidisciplinary collaboration.

Synthesis Molecular Catalysis
Heterogeneous Catalysis Biocatalysis

BIT's 5 th World Congress of
Advanced Petro-Tech

WCAPT-2021 will attract world leaders and decision-makers from the petroleum industry to Dalian to share the know-how technique on Petroleum technology field, and the breakthrough innovation products.

Bioenzyme Oil Chemistry
Enhanced Oil Recovery
Fracturing Techniques

BIT's 9 th World Congress of
Advanced Materials

WCAM dedicates to provide a communicational platform between industries and academic organizations, in order to achieve the technology transformation from research to industry.

Modeling Characterization
Adaptively Responding Control

Joint Satellite Clustering Meetings of World Sustainability Industry Congress & Expo 2021

This joint Humanity and Nature Sustainability will consist of 8 parallel scientific meetings from BIT Group. Each meeting lasts for 4 days and introduces 110-130 oral presenters to deliver speeches with the current hot topics in Education, Ocean, Aquaculture, Energy Storage, Smart Energy, Food and Nutrition, Environment Biotech, Agriculture, etc. under 4-5 tracks with about 20 sessions. It is essential to provide a platform for scientists, researchers and experts worldwide to share technological advancements and business experiences at the research field of Humanity and Nature Sustainability.

World Education Day

To commemorate the birth of Confucius in 2571, the World Education Day is set to help the global educators to explore the reform and development of education tomorrow.

K12 Education Online Learning Innovation Education Tech

BIT's 9 th World Congress of

WCO-2021 is an international event focusing on the current hot topics and major advances in the Field of ocean by attracting experts on a global scale.

Ocean Engineering
Marine Management
Ocean Science Deep Sea Tech

BIT's 9 th Annual World Congress of
Aquaculture and Fisheries

WCAF-2021 is a dedicated event where you will have the opportunity to learn about new developments in the field of Aquaculture and Fisheries

Fish Molecular Biology
Aquatic Products
Aquaculture Engineering

BIT's 2 nd World Congress of
Energy Storage

WCES-2021 is focusing on building global clean energy ecosystem, and we hope that all participants will have a productive, inspiring and scientifically enjoyable experience.

Batteries Capacitors Supercapacitors Smart Grid Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

BIT's 9 th World Congress of
Smart Energy

WCSE-2021 aims to bring together the world's top experts and leaders to exchange the latest trends of smart energy development, and to promote the future cooperation

Smart Energy New Energy

BIT's 9 th World Congress of
Food and Nutrition

WCFN-2021 is intended to provide a platform for the world professionals to exchange their prodigious findings on the development of food and nutrition industries.

Food Science Biotechnology
Health and Nutrition
Interdisciplinary Research

BIT's 3 rd World Congress of
Environment Biotech

WCEB-2021 aims to enhance the ability of technological innovation also to re-evolution, and promote the sustainable economic and social development.

Renewable Energy Generation
Removal of Pollution Bioremediation

BIT's 6 th World Congress of

This Congress will give you the unique opportunity to discuss the hottest topics and the most impending critical issues in the field of agricultural and biotechnology industries.

Agricultural Crop Plant Forestry Floriculture Ornamental Biotechnology

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